Training of trainers - University of Constantine 3, Algeria


In the framework of the Erasmus + Yabda project, a series of training sessions for students, teachers and administrative and technical staff of the University of Constantine 3 Salah BOUBNIDER has been scheduled to:

  • Promote entrepreneurship and stimulate the spirit of innovation within the university;
  • Sensitize students to the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship;
  • Make students aware of their entrepreneurial potential and their interest in an entrepreneurial career;
  • Familiarize students with the process of starting a business.

46 people participated in one of the three sessions organized (September 25-26, October 1-2, October 9-10).

The trainers were:

  • Mrs. Karima BOUFENARA, Teacher-researcher at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.
  • Dr. Widad SEMICHI, Lecturer-researcher at the Faculty of Communication.
  • Mr. Amir Mohamed BOUMOULA, Head of the YABDA Entrepreneurship Center.
  • Mr. Mohamed Lamine BELBACHA, Teacher-researcher at the Institute of Management of Urban Techniques.