The operation of the Hub is supervised and supported by the Yabda Entrepreneurship Centres. The entrepreneurship centres foster a sense of ownership among PhD students and faculty members, who are the main users of the hubs. They encourage multidisciplinary dialogue between the different components.

The hubs operate on the basis of informal thematic meetings. Periodically, the leaders are able to choose a societal theme and invite researchers and professionals concerned to discuss it over a coffee or a convivial breakfast. They attach great importance to sustained communication through social networks and visibility in the local press (electronic and paper).

The hub has a user-friendly space that encourages the target audience to visit it easily. One or two people are present at all times to welcome, inform and connect external visitors with the Yabda centre or research laboratories that can be their contacts at the university.

The hubs contain workstations (3 to 5) connected to high-speed Internet and offering access to international patent databases.

The activities of the Hubs are part of the activities of the YABDA Centres. The activities to be developed are described in the institutional strategies proposed by each of the YABDA partner universities.

Each partner University operates their own Yabda Hub in the context of their own Yabda Entrepreneurship Centre.

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You can learn more about the Yabda Entrepreneurship Centres and the Yabda Hubs here: Entrepreneurship Centers