The Yabda Webinar


It was the partner’s wish before and during the project’s activities to maximize the project’s impact for its long-term exploitation. To do so, the partners had set up a detailed dissemination plan, to exploit the project activities and results. The dissemination plan included among its activities the Info Days, programmed to take place during M29 of the project. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the national measures taken in order to prevent its spread, the partners came to the decision that an Info Day would have no real impact, as very few of the target audience, if any, would be able to attend face-to-face. It was considered more strategic in terms of dissemination and reach of the desired audiences to turn the Info Days into a transnational Yabda Webinar that lasted for three days.

The Webinar that was organized by the partners with the aim to work as Info Days for the target audience of the project, was conducted in three days:

  • Wednesday 20/01/2021
  • Thursday 21/01/2021
  • Friday 22/01/2021

The three webinars took place through the Zoom platform, and they were livestreamed through the Yabda Facebook page, so as to reach a wider audience.

It is estimated that almost 20.000 reached the Webinars. After the completion of the Three Days Webinar, the partners created a Questionnaire for the evaluation of the Webinar. The Questionnaire was conducted in french, it was shared with all the participants in the Zoom platform and it included both open and closed questions.

The Info days focusing on aiming to involve regional officers, investors and businesses to create stronger local ecosystems in all partner universities of the Maghreb region, took the form of three transnational Webinars that took place on 20, 21 and 22 of November 2021. It was discussed among the partners that it would be a strategic move to take the form of an online transnational Webinar that lasted for three days instead of the info days due to the national regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.